A New Year in Bliss: 4 Chatacterstics You Need For 2019

Happy new year to all my blissful beings out there!!! 2018 flew by right before our eyes, it’s hard to think that today is the first day of a brand new year. A brand new year means brand new experiences, brand new challenges, brand new opportunities, and brand new relationships!!! It all can be super exciting and totally fun, but with all this new energy it’s important to stay grounded, focus, and open.

In this new year I know your life is going to be filled with abundance in many shapes and forms. You must be mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually prepared. As we tread new waters and uncharted terrain I feel there’s 4 key characteristics that if adopted will propel you forward in your life. Utilizing this new energy available to everyone for abundance, prosperity, and a new you.

1.) Confidence:

Looking in the eye of uncertainty with chin up, chest out, and calm certainty of yourself. Embrace who you are and all that you are with a burning fire that will light your way on your path to your destiny. Confidence in yourself, confidence in who you are, and confidence in where you’re heading in your life is key to conquering 2019 in your own bliss.

2.) Patience:

Number two on this list is the ability to be in the moment, totally present. A lot of people consider being patient as idling. Waiting and waiting on something to change. Waiting on something to become different than the way it is here and now. For me I see patience a bit different than this idea. For me, your ability to remain present and not distracted by your imaginings of the future or replays of your past is an indication of your amount of patience. Patience is something that reveals it’s gifts over time. The biggest gift that she brings is her presence for in it everything is possible.

3.) Compassion:

In the heart is where we discover our soul. Where we discover our humanity. Where we discover who we truly are in the depths of our being. No matter how it may sound, the reality is all of our connections to each other are felt in our heart. The abode of our souls. Compassion, the feeling that emanates from one heart to another heart. Feeling and experiencing another’s joy. Another’s pain, Another’s bliss , and Another’s sorrow. Feeling then transforms itself into understanding, which then paves the way for the realization of oneness of all living beings here on Earth. It’s like the thread that weaves all beings together in the universe. Relating to others and truly connecting is great for you and will bring the greatest joy into your life this year. Love is compassion, through love and compassion miracles become actual happenings.

4.) Faith:

The trust in the unknown, stepping into the dark without as much as a lamp, flashlight, or even a match. Allowing yourself to become totally vulnerable, absolutely and totally surrendered to that something that is allowing everything to unfold naturally and perfectly. Knowing that no matter what, despite anything, everything will always work out in your favor. Despite what the appearance may be of a situation in a moment where things could be perceived as grim or dark. Even if your limited perception can not see around whatever the angle may be. Trusting that there’s something in us and all around us that can see everything as a whole and not just a part of the picture. So take a step into the unknown greatness of what is your life. In its”s totality. Fully in faith and with faith guiding you into the mystery of life.

I truly hoped you find this read inspiring and helpful. In the year of 2019 I know we will achieve great things my fellow Blissful Beings. I feel that these four characteristics will aid us in manifesting our dreams into reality. Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment and if you enjoyed it drop a like.

Bliss and Peace,