Start Sipping Green Tea Today: 5 Amazing Benefits

Hey there Blissful Beings! Tyreice here, and I would love to talk with you about the amazing benefits green tea has on our bodies and minds. On my own journey I’ve come to make great friends with this extraordinary beverage. I have witnessed the quality of my life improve in several ways in a short period of time. I would love to share with you my fellow Blissful Beings, five facts about green tea that will definitely have you heavily contemplating keeping this healthy beverage in your cup.

Originating in China green tea has had a long history of being the beverage of choice because of it’s immense health benefits. In this article I’m going to showcase my top five health benefits for regularly drinking green tea. There’s so many more benefits but these are the ones I think you may find most interesting and helpful in your everyday life.

I hope you enjoy reading my article perhaps while sipping some delicious, soul soothing, green tea from your favorite tea cup for a little added pleasure. If you enjoy reading this article please drop a comment and let me know what you think. Also leave a like if you found this article helpful. Thank you my fellow Blissful Beings let’s dive right in then, shall we?

1.) High In Antioxidants: Green tea is one beverage you can count on when it comes to keeping you looking and feeling young. How does it do that you may ask? Well to simply put it free radicals damage cells, your body is made of cells, if you fight free radicals you protect your cells from damage which leads to aging. Antioxidants are like the body’s knights in shining armor, protecting the castle (your body) from invaders (free radicals). Just in case you didn’t know your skin is your body’s largest organ, so sip green tea if you want to keep those cells happy and healthy. Healthy happy cells equals beautiful skin for a long time, and we all love having young beautiful skin.

2.) Just The Right Amount of Caffeine: I’m not here to discredit or put down the drinking of coffee to get your day started. It definitely does have its advantages for those who find themselves with a case of the sleepy head when waking up in the morning. Caffeine works is helpful in many ways, giving your brain’s battery a jump to start the day. The great thing about sipping green tea to start your day I’ve found is that your peace lasts a lot longer without the crashing affects of drinking it’s coffee counterpart. The green tea has a very nice way of gently introducing the caffeine to your nervous system, and not simply just force feeding it all the caffeine at once. This is very pleasant, considering I don’t feel jittery. Instead it’s more of an increase calm presence with a heightened since of awareness. I find that my decision making is clear but yet quick and precise, contrary to when I drink coffee. There’s no calm in drinking coffee just a uncontrollable flood of thoughts that want attention, and this unrelenting since of anxiousness about time. My verdict is caffeine is great for the brain but too much caffeine interferes with peace of mind. I discovered that green tea gets the job done without over doing it.

3.) Green Tea Is Heart Healthy: Recent studies on the effects of green tea on the heart and cardiovascular system conclude that drinking green tea every day significantly reduces the chances of heart related diseases. The Journal of the American Medical Association, did a study on people 40 to 71 for eleven years who drank green tea every day. The study found a significantly lower mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases than those who did not sip tea. With that kind of information green tea definitely will be in my cup everyday. I love life and would like to enjoy a long happy one with my wife, my kids, my family, and friends and if there’s a beverage out there that can help me achieve that I’m all for it my fellow Blissful Beings!

4.) Green Tea Can Reduce Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes: Type 2 diabetes has become a major problem in the world. Plaguing over 300 million people worldwide, a huge percent of the population are not able to live happy healthy lives because of this. Studies have shown that the regular consumption of this ancient healing beverage has the ability to lower your risk of you developing this bliss crippling disease. Drinking green tea can lower blood sugar and improve an individuals sensitivity to insulin. The daily consumption of green tea considerably lowers a person chance of becoming diabetic by 18 percent, based on studies conducted on nearly 300 thousand individuals.

5.) Green Tea Also Relieves Stress: Studies have also shown that drinking 5 cups of green tea a day can drastically lower psychological stress. A study by Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan found that people who drank green tea reported lower stress. Animal studies of green tea points to EGCC as the compound that can cause a sedative and hypnotic affect on drinkers.

There you have it, my five reasons to explore the path of green tea sipping. See how it improves your life and your mental well-being, you’ll have to agree it’s definitely worth a try. The benefits are just so many and I’m sure you can even discover some benefits unique to you and your own journey. I definitely utilize green tea for it’s healing, relaxing, and invigorating qualities, and I’ve seen a lot of positive changes in my life partly due to my switching from coffee to green tea! Let me know how you feel, leave a comment and share with me your views and opinions. Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed leave a like, they’re greatly appreciated. Until next time Be in Bliss, and love life.

Peace and Love,