5 Excercises to Start Your Day In Bliss

   Namaste, thank you for being here with me today my Blissful Beings! Your presence is deeply felt and appreciated. If you’re anything like me, getting my morning right is essential to being in my Bliss. It’s in a sense the foundation of my day.

   I know it’s really easy to fall victim to laziness and lack of self discipline early in the morning. The drive, the motivation, the mental fortitude of getting out of bed early and pumped can be difficult to cultivate. It can truly be tough, I know. Trust me, I know. Trying to roll out of your bed and simply be Bliss can be terribly troubling. To shrug off your cloak of sleepiness and actually spring out of bed when you hear the sound of your alarm clock can be a daunting task.

   Trust me I know. When I first started my journey to self realization and liberation of self inflicted suffering it seemed as though the harder I tried to be up when I wanted to, the more when the time came to get out of bed I couldn’t. It felt as if someone cranked up the force of gravity on my body, every limb to heavy to budge a inch. What if I told you there was a secret?

   The real game changer for me was the day I decided to adopt a morning ritual that included a quick workout. It is the best feeling to get up and get the body moving early in the morning.

   Today I’m going to share with you my super simple morning workout routine to supercharge your day. I know you’re going to absolutely love it and even more so the improved quality of your day and life!

   So let us go ahead and dive on in to the five super simple exercises you can do to kick start your day. If you enjoy this article please leave a like and if you want to show a little extra love drop a comment.

1. High Knee Taps:

This exercise is a awesome way to get the blood pumping, and your body moving. I especially enjoy doing this exercise first thing because it works your leg muscles (one of your biggest muscle groups in your body) and it also provides you with a great cardio workout.

To do this exercise you start by raising your right knee up to your stomach area right below your chest. You should have your hands out facing downward and as your knee rises it should tap your hands, hints the name high knee taps. As one knee goes down the other comes up, and you’ll begin to develop a rhythm that will propel you through the exercise. While doing this workout remember to keep your core tight. This will give you more power in your movements, at the same time helping you gain more definition in your core.

This exercise is what I start with to get my body’s engine running and ready for today’s ride through life.

2. Switch Foot Lunges:

Next up is the leg killer I call switch foot lunges. I love doing this excercise right after the high knee taps, because it is a great transitioning excercise full of great benefits for your physique.

To perform this exercise place your right leg forward just enough to bend your your leg until your knee is over your ankle. Now you sink your butt down, making sure your back leg remains straight. After sinking into the lunge you pop back up and switch to the opposite side and repeat. For a added burn, at the bottom of the lunge you can do a pulse, sinking and rising slightly while in the lunge.

Maintaining a tight core is essential for you getting the most out of this excercise. When done correctly this excercise will leave your legs a bit sore but ready for more. You should definitely feel theb awesome burn of getting fit.

3. Knee to Elbow Plank:

Moving from our legs we’re now going to work the power center of your body, your amazing core.

So to perform this transformational exercise you’re going to get into a high plank position, and from that position you are going to alternate between your left knee touching your left elbow and the right now knee touching your right elbow. Remember to keep your core engaged for maximum benefit.

4. Diamond to Wide Stance Push Up:

Okay, we’re almost through! This one is a killer but is extremely worth the effort.

Coming out of the plank position you are now going to get into a push up stance. As you go down, keep your core engaged and as you come up you simultaneously put your hands together to form a diamond. So essentially you’re coming off the ground and placing your hands that diamond shape right at the center of your chest. Now you lower your body slowly and explode up. As your upper body rockets off the ground you then bring your hands right outside your chest. Alternate between the wide stance and the diamond hands stance, keeping the core engaged for stability and explosiveness.

This is going to work your chest and also your inner and outer arms as well.

5. Seated In and Outs:

You can do it! Last one! I know you’ve probably already broke a sweat but your body is going to love you for this.

Lastly you wanna sit with your hands slightly behind your butt with your knees slightly bent on front of you. With your core engaged you’re going to lift your feet of the ground and fully extend outward. Now you bring your knees into your chest as close as possible. As you start to extend again you’re going to angle your legs to the right, so that you’re having to engage your obliques to extend. Still angled to the right you’re going to pull your knees to your chest again. Now you’re going to do the same thing, extending directly in front and bringing your knees in and then repeat again now angling your legs to the left. Your going to keep going from right to left until your abs burn like wild fire.

Doing these exercises will give you energy for the day and also build your confidence to do more intense workouts. No matter what you have to stay committed and know that pain is temporary, but strength lasts forever. I know you’re going to enjoy these workouts, your body’s going to be super happy, and your mind will be more at peace!

Let me know how these exercises benefitted you in your everyday life and leave a comment. If your enjoyed this article drop a like. Thank you for reading my Blissful Beings, until next time may peace be with you!