A New Feel For Mindfulness

As we look around in our society today, what is it that we see? Have you stopped and taken a really good look? I have, and I must say the majority of my good hearted people on this planet look to be extremely busy. Rushing around here and there. Coffee in one hand, cell phone in the other.

Every one seems to be moving. Moving very fast. As I observe, a question flashes across my minds eye. Similar to a jet soaring through a clear blue sky with a banner that reads, “But where are all these people intending to get to?” Of course there’s a goal, a destination, a purpose to all of this movement. The journey, but what about the journey?

The destination is important but the way you get there has an immense impact on your perception and also your emotional and mental state once you arrive. What good does it do you to finally have made it to that place or reach that goal, but your to blinded by the anger accumulated on the way, that now you can’t enjoy and appreciate the fruits of your labor?

Stressed out, frustrated, angry, this seems to be the road traveled by a lot of people nowadays. As to be in these negative mental states are the norm, and to travel on the road of bliss, peace, and balance is a strange and sometimes frowned upon practice. If you can relate to the agony of being bombarded by intense feelings of stress and frustration as you move in the world, and you think you might need something to help you be more mindful then continue reading!

   Fortuntely we live in a world that is booming with technology helping us to achive a better quality of life more easily and accesibly. So there is hope for all of us to enjoy a more blissful reality filled with more mindfulness. Sometimes in order for us to take that first step into bliss we need a helping hand, or something that you can hold in your hand. Whenever times get tough and you feel like you’ve had enough. When you get to that point dont forget, you are one breath away from calm or chaos. The choice is always yours. No matter what situation or external circumstance the choice is always yours my friends.

   Give yourself a few more seconds to make a mindful decision using the power of touch. Toucheys is a game changer for those new to the mindful practice and it also can be very useful to experienced meditators as well. Touch as a part of mindfulness and meditations goes back to ancient Eastern traditions. This new spin on old science is definitely worth giving a touch, experience a deeper sense of relaxation and peace in the moment with it’s fully customizable design that fits into the palm of your hand.

   You may be wondering how can you get your hands on this amazing tool to assist you on your journey into bliss Don’t worry I have you covered! If you click the link below it’ll take you right where you need to be.

There is no better time than the present, to give yourself the gift of mindfulness. Enjoy the journey, discover the bliss that is your true identity. Remember my friends, you could just be a touch away from a higher state of peace and tranquility. If you would like to read more about Touchys just click the link below.

I wish you all peace, prosperity, and infinite bliss. One breath at a time.

Bliss and Peace, Anthony

A New Year in Bliss: 4 Chatacterstics You Need For 2019

Happy new year to all my blissful beings out there!!! 2018 flew by right before our eyes, it’s hard to think that today is the first day of a brand new year. A brand new year means brand new experiences, brand new challenges, brand new opportunities, and brand new relationships!!! It all can be super exciting and totally fun, but with all this new energy it’s important to stay grounded, focus, and open.

In this new year I know your life is going to be filled with abundance in many shapes and forms. You must be mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually prepared. As we tread new waters and uncharted terrain I feel there’s 4 key characteristics that if adopted will propel you forward in your life. Utilizing this new energy available to everyone for abundance, prosperity, and a new you.

1.) Confidence:

Looking in the eye of uncertainty with chin up, chest out, and calm certainty of yourself. Embrace who you are and all that you are with a burning fire that will light your way on your path to your destiny. Confidence in yourself, confidence in who you are, and confidence in where you’re heading in your life is key to conquering 2019 in your own bliss.

2.) Patience:

Number two on this list is the ability to be in the moment, totally present. A lot of people consider being patient as idling. Waiting and waiting on something to change. Waiting on something to become different than the way it is here and now. For me I see patience a bit different than this idea. For me, your ability to remain present and not distracted by your imaginings of the future or replays of your past is an indication of your amount of patience. Patience is something that reveals it’s gifts over time. The biggest gift that she brings is her presence for in it everything is possible.

3.) Compassion:

In the heart is where we discover our soul. Where we discover our humanity. Where we discover who we truly are in the depths of our being. No matter how it may sound, the reality is all of our connections to each other are felt in our heart. The abode of our souls. Compassion, the feeling that emanates from one heart to another heart. Feeling and experiencing another’s joy. Another’s pain, Another’s bliss , and Another’s sorrow. Feeling then transforms itself into understanding, which then paves the way for the realization of oneness of all living beings here on Earth. It’s like the thread that weaves all beings together in the universe. Relating to others and truly connecting is great for you and will bring the greatest joy into your life this year. Love is compassion, through love and compassion miracles become actual happenings.

4.) Faith:

The trust in the unknown, stepping into the dark without as much as a lamp, flashlight, or even a match. Allowing yourself to become totally vulnerable, absolutely and totally surrendered to that something that is allowing everything to unfold naturally and perfectly. Knowing that no matter what, despite anything, everything will always work out in your favor. Despite what the appearance may be of a situation in a moment where things could be perceived as grim or dark. Even if your limited perception can not see around whatever the angle may be. Trusting that there’s something in us and all around us that can see everything as a whole and not just a part of the picture. So take a step into the unknown greatness of what is your life. In its”s totality. Fully in faith and with faith guiding you into the mystery of life.

I truly hoped you find this read inspiring and helpful. In the year of 2019 I know we will achieve great things my fellow Blissful Beings. I feel that these four characteristics will aid us in manifesting our dreams into reality. Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment and if you enjoyed it drop a like.

Bliss and Peace,


5 Excercises to Start Your Day In Bliss

   Namaste, thank you for being here with me today my Blissful Beings! Your presence is deeply felt and appreciated. If you’re anything like me, getting my morning right is essential to being in my Bliss. It’s in a sense the foundation of my day.

   I know it’s really easy to fall victim to laziness and lack of self discipline early in the morning. The drive, the motivation, the mental fortitude of getting out of bed early and pumped can be difficult to cultivate. It can truly be tough, I know. Trust me, I know. Trying to roll out of your bed and simply be Bliss can be terribly troubling. To shrug off your cloak of sleepiness and actually spring out of bed when you hear the sound of your alarm clock can be a daunting task.

   Trust me I know. When I first started my journey to self realization and liberation of self inflicted suffering it seemed as though the harder I tried to be up when I wanted to, the more when the time came to get out of bed I couldn’t. It felt as if someone cranked up the force of gravity on my body, every limb to heavy to budge a inch. What if I told you there was a secret?

   The real game changer for me was the day I decided to adopt a morning ritual that included a quick workout. It is the best feeling to get up and get the body moving early in the morning.

   Today I’m going to share with you my super simple morning workout routine to supercharge your day. I know you’re going to absolutely love it and even more so the improved quality of your day and life!

   So let us go ahead and dive on in to the five super simple exercises you can do to kick start your day. If you enjoy this article please leave a like and if you want to show a little extra love drop a comment.

1. High Knee Taps:

This exercise is a awesome way to get the blood pumping, and your body moving. I especially enjoy doing this exercise first thing because it works your leg muscles (one of your biggest muscle groups in your body) and it also provides you with a great cardio workout.

To do this exercise you start by raising your right knee up to your stomach area right below your chest. You should have your hands out facing downward and as your knee rises it should tap your hands, hints the name high knee taps. As one knee goes down the other comes up, and you’ll begin to develop a rhythm that will propel you through the exercise. While doing this workout remember to keep your core tight. This will give you more power in your movements, at the same time helping you gain more definition in your core.

This exercise is what I start with to get my body’s engine running and ready for today’s ride through life.

2. Switch Foot Lunges:

Next up is the leg killer I call switch foot lunges. I love doing this excercise right after the high knee taps, because it is a great transitioning excercise full of great benefits for your physique.

To perform this exercise place your right leg forward just enough to bend your your leg until your knee is over your ankle. Now you sink your butt down, making sure your back leg remains straight. After sinking into the lunge you pop back up and switch to the opposite side and repeat. For a added burn, at the bottom of the lunge you can do a pulse, sinking and rising slightly while in the lunge.

Maintaining a tight core is essential for you getting the most out of this excercise. When done correctly this excercise will leave your legs a bit sore but ready for more. You should definitely feel theb awesome burn of getting fit.

3. Knee to Elbow Plank:

Moving from our legs we’re now going to work the power center of your body, your amazing core.

So to perform this transformational exercise you’re going to get into a high plank position, and from that position you are going to alternate between your left knee touching your left elbow and the right now knee touching your right elbow. Remember to keep your core engaged for maximum benefit.

4. Diamond to Wide Stance Push Up:

Okay, we’re almost through! This one is a killer but is extremely worth the effort.

Coming out of the plank position you are now going to get into a push up stance. As you go down, keep your core engaged and as you come up you simultaneously put your hands together to form a diamond. So essentially you’re coming off the ground and placing your hands that diamond shape right at the center of your chest. Now you lower your body slowly and explode up. As your upper body rockets off the ground you then bring your hands right outside your chest. Alternate between the wide stance and the diamond hands stance, keeping the core engaged for stability and explosiveness.

This is going to work your chest and also your inner and outer arms as well.

5. Seated In and Outs:

You can do it! Last one! I know you’ve probably already broke a sweat but your body is going to love you for this.

Lastly you wanna sit with your hands slightly behind your butt with your knees slightly bent on front of you. With your core engaged you’re going to lift your feet of the ground and fully extend outward. Now you bring your knees into your chest as close as possible. As you start to extend again you’re going to angle your legs to the right, so that you’re having to engage your obliques to extend. Still angled to the right you’re going to pull your knees to your chest again. Now you’re going to do the same thing, extending directly in front and bringing your knees in and then repeat again now angling your legs to the left. Your going to keep going from right to left until your abs burn like wild fire.

Doing these exercises will give you energy for the day and also build your confidence to do more intense workouts. No matter what you have to stay committed and know that pain is temporary, but strength lasts forever. I know you’re going to enjoy these workouts, your body’s going to be super happy, and your mind will be more at peace!

Let me know how these exercises benefitted you in your everyday life and leave a comment. If your enjoyed this article drop a like. Thank you for reading my Blissful Beings, until next time may peace be with you!


Start Sipping Green Tea Today: 5 Amazing Benefits

Hey there Blissful Beings! Tyreice here, and I would love to talk with you about the amazing benefits green tea has on our bodies and minds. On my own journey I’ve come to make great friends with this extraordinary beverage. I have witnessed the quality of my life improve in several ways in a short period of time. I would love to share with you my fellow Blissful Beings, five facts about green tea that will definitely have you heavily contemplating keeping this healthy beverage in your cup.

Originating in China green tea has had a long history of being the beverage of choice because of it’s immense health benefits. In this article I’m going to showcase my top five health benefits for regularly drinking green tea. There’s so many more benefits but these are the ones I think you may find most interesting and helpful in your everyday life.

I hope you enjoy reading my article perhaps while sipping some delicious, soul soothing, green tea from your favorite tea cup for a little added pleasure. If you enjoy reading this article please drop a comment and let me know what you think. Also leave a like if you found this article helpful. Thank you my fellow Blissful Beings let’s dive right in then, shall we?

1.) High In Antioxidants: Green tea is one beverage you can count on when it comes to keeping you looking and feeling young. How does it do that you may ask? Well to simply put it free radicals damage cells, your body is made of cells, if you fight free radicals you protect your cells from damage which leads to aging. Antioxidants are like the body’s knights in shining armor, protecting the castle (your body) from invaders (free radicals). Just in case you didn’t know your skin is your body’s largest organ, so sip green tea if you want to keep those cells happy and healthy. Healthy happy cells equals beautiful skin for a long time, and we all love having young beautiful skin.

2.) Just The Right Amount of Caffeine: I’m not here to discredit or put down the drinking of coffee to get your day started. It definitely does have its advantages for those who find themselves with a case of the sleepy head when waking up in the morning. Caffeine works is helpful in many ways, giving your brain’s battery a jump to start the day. The great thing about sipping green tea to start your day I’ve found is that your peace lasts a lot longer without the crashing affects of drinking it’s coffee counterpart. The green tea has a very nice way of gently introducing the caffeine to your nervous system, and not simply just force feeding it all the caffeine at once. This is very pleasant, considering I don’t feel jittery. Instead it’s more of an increase calm presence with a heightened since of awareness. I find that my decision making is clear but yet quick and precise, contrary to when I drink coffee. There’s no calm in drinking coffee just a uncontrollable flood of thoughts that want attention, and this unrelenting since of anxiousness about time. My verdict is caffeine is great for the brain but too much caffeine interferes with peace of mind. I discovered that green tea gets the job done without over doing it.

3.) Green Tea Is Heart Healthy: Recent studies on the effects of green tea on the heart and cardiovascular system conclude that drinking green tea every day significantly reduces the chances of heart related diseases. The Journal of the American Medical Association, did a study on people 40 to 71 for eleven years who drank green tea every day. The study found a significantly lower mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases than those who did not sip tea. With that kind of information green tea definitely will be in my cup everyday. I love life and would like to enjoy a long happy one with my wife, my kids, my family, and friends and if there’s a beverage out there that can help me achieve that I’m all for it my fellow Blissful Beings!

4.) Green Tea Can Reduce Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes: Type 2 diabetes has become a major problem in the world. Plaguing over 300 million people worldwide, a huge percent of the population are not able to live happy healthy lives because of this. Studies have shown that the regular consumption of this ancient healing beverage has the ability to lower your risk of you developing this bliss crippling disease. Drinking green tea can lower blood sugar and improve an individuals sensitivity to insulin. The daily consumption of green tea considerably lowers a person chance of becoming diabetic by 18 percent, based on studies conducted on nearly 300 thousand individuals.

5.) Green Tea Also Relieves Stress: Studies have also shown that drinking 5 cups of green tea a day can drastically lower psychological stress. A study by Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan found that people who drank green tea reported lower stress. Animal studies of green tea points to EGCC as the compound that can cause a sedative and hypnotic affect on drinkers.

There you have it, my five reasons to explore the path of green tea sipping. See how it improves your life and your mental well-being, you’ll have to agree it’s definitely worth a try. The benefits are just so many and I’m sure you can even discover some benefits unique to you and your own journey. I definitely utilize green tea for it’s healing, relaxing, and invigorating qualities, and I’ve seen a lot of positive changes in my life partly due to my switching from coffee to green tea! Let me know how you feel, leave a comment and share with me your views and opinions. Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed leave a like, they’re greatly appreciated. Until next time Be in Bliss, and love life.

Peace and Love,


Eating To Live, Or Living To Eat?

person carrying basket of vegetables
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Hello all my Blissful Beings! I hope your day is going awesome! I know if you’re here you’ve come to feed yourself with something amazing. Well as always I will provide you that sweet sustenance that you need to improve your health and increase your happiness. Let’s dive on in then shall we my Blissful Beings!

Today’s topic is the issue we all face on the day-to-day, “Am I truly eating to Live, or Am I Living to Eat?” I’m sure you’ve been in the grocery store check out line and you spot a “delicious” candy bar and suddenly, in a blink of an eye, your mouth is salivating. You hear the delightful crinkle of you tearing open the wrapper. You feel your heart knocking on your chest, as you let the deceptively delectable treat enter your mouth.

You weren’t craving that candy bar at all, your mind was focused on making a healthy change until you were railroaded by shiny wrappers and catchy slogans. Don’t fret my Blissful Being we’ve all been there. In this moment, Here in lies the question presented to you in live living color. Am I Eating to Live, or Am I Living to Eat? It can be a challenge when you’re first starting out on your journey to be that Blissful You. That You, that you dream of. That You that is screaming from the pit of your belly, ” Let me be me! I wanna be free of this bondage!”

   There Is Hope! Don’t worry! There is a silver lining, trust me. I didn’t just have a sweet tooth, I had what I like to call a, “sugar mouth”. Every chance I’d get I would be stuffing my face with something that had no purpose in my body besides to satisfy my untrained taste buds. If you are anything like I was, candy wrappers were not uncommon on the floor of your car. Sadly, too many of us believe that it is normal and okay to live a processed food diet filled with anything quick and easy to prepare. Anything that makes our taste buds jump with excitement for a brief moment. Later on we pay the price with sugar diabetes, obesity, unhealthy skin, dysfunctional digestion, heart problems, and chronic fatigue and that’s just to name a few issues that arise.

I would like to share a few tips with you that I’ve learned on my adventure in life that helped me Eat to Live, and Not Live to Eat. These tips aren’t in any particular order, use whatever resonates with your Blissful Being. Please feel free to show some love with a like and don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Let me know if these tips helped you or if you have any ideas that you’d like to share with your fellow Blissful Beings reading.

1.  Drink Plenty of Water: 

bottle pouring water on glass
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   Water! We cant live without it, it’s a big part of who we are. When you make it a conscious decision to drink plenty of water and drink it often you’re making your body extremely happy! You see, when you’re thirsty you are not able to make the best decisions in your life, because your brain isn’t getting the hydration that it needs to think critically. When you aren’t drinking enough water you can mistake the feeling of being thirsty for being hungry. One suggestion I recommend is to keep a water bottle with you when you’re out, and whenever you get that craving for a bag of chips, sip some water. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

2. Pack A Snack:

green apple in woman hand
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Have you ever just pulled into a fast food restaurant out of desperation. Not even out of desire? You just have to get that bite to eat in before that big meeting. Or right before picking your kiddos up from school, because you know, once you get to work you’re going to be super busy and wont have a second to even think about eating healthy food. We’ve all experienced the mid day tummy growl, where anything will do just to quite the beast beneath the belt. To avert the dreaded fast food line one thing I learned to do is keep a healthy snack handy and easily accessible to ward off the hunger bug. It’s really easy to go unconscious whenever were hungry and make regretful eating decision that we’ll suffer the consequence for sooner or later in our existence. Be smart, Be prepared!

3. Exercise: 

man in black reebok shoes about to carry barbell
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Have you ever sweat so hard in the gym or working out at home, thinking about your future image of yourself that the thought of eating a bag of chips or a whole package of Oreo’s ( I’ve done this several times in the past) absolutely disgusted you. Disgusted you to the point of puking? There’s something about working out that makes one’s mind transcend the thoughts of eating unconsciously. Having a goal that you’re working to is an extreme motivator to keep you eating to live and not living to eat. Imagining yourself going from feeling glorious to garbage in as quick as twenty minutes. That feeling really pushes you on a more healthier eating path. Try sticking to a regular exercise commitment and you’ll definitely define those curves as well as curve those urges!

4. Pantry Purge :

gray metal mesh cup
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Tell me if this sounds familiar. You eat dinner, watch a movie, and right before bed you decide to look in the pantry for a late night snack. As you open the door, turn on the light, and behold before your eyes. A miniature size grocery store snack aisle filled with all the food your inner Blissful Being abhors but your untrained taste buds flip bananas for. This is definitely going to inhibit your growth in the eating to live department. Don’t worry, one evening before bed or early morning grab a trash bag and ditch the junk. You’ll feel the agony at first as you watch your favorite cookies, chips, and dare I say honey buns be fed to your trash, but once they’ve found their new home (your trash receptacle) you will be able to take a deep refreshing breath because you did it! You Purged your pantry of all the things that was holding your blissful being in chains . Congratulate yourself with a bowl of tasty strawberries!

5. Make a List and Check It Twice:

writing notes idea class
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My last tip is crucial to your survival in eating to live and not living to eat. You have to make that list and since you’re being your own Santa Claus you gotta check it twice. When you go shopping for food, you have to have the mindset that you are buying gifts for your body. Whats your body worth? Are you gonna buy it those cheap presents just because they’re not expensive or are you going to treat your body with the gift of life? Don’t short yourself when it comes to your earthly vehicle. So when you’re making that list leave off the potato chips, soda, and Twinkies. Your future self will Thank You. Once you make a solid list then you gotta check over it and make sure you are covering all your nutritional bases. Most importantly all my Blissful Beings you have to commit and never waver.

I hope you enjoyed and found these tips useful. They’re things I practice and they’ve made a great difference in my life. Eating to live has impacted my life and so many people around me lives that I feel a duty and obligation to you my Blissful Beings to share this age old philosophy with you. Once again please drop a like if you enjoyed this and I would love to read your comments on what you think and how this post has helped you in your life. Please share with your friends and family and lets spread the love and light . We are infinite beings, we are Blissful Beings, and its our birth right to live in this truth!

Peace and Love,