The Guru

As you teach, you do not speak.

But I innerstand every word not mentioned.

As you teach, you do not speak. 

But in the depth of your silence, I experience a glimpse of your enlightenment. 

Without saying a word, you’ve spoken so much. 

Without moving a muscle, somehow parts of my inner most being you’re able to touch.

You sit so still guru, it’s as if you never move but still move. You are one with the present. You radiate presence. 

Moments come and they pass, you are aware but you go nowhere. Not hither nor thither, silently, sitting, separate from the waves of the world but sitting silently inseparable.

I’ve learned through you, oh enlightened Guru. My first teacher, my last instructor, and my only guide. The greatest guru we all are in knowing of. The Guru dwells close to us all. Residing in the hearts of you and I.

Sri Taris 


Not for Sale

Free of charge.

Free of charge. 

Free of charge.

No need to barter for my love, when you were without I was with you.

No need to write me a check, my devotion to you is without cease. This love grows and grows limitless in it’s increase.

The love we share has no price tag, money cannot buy what is priceless.

It’s ours to share, some deem it rare but all that I am aware is it is with no compare. 

No need to bring me money bags, I value most your smile and your laugh.

Love worth more than gold something unseen but yet you may still hold. 

 I’m Looking Deeply into the eyes of God.

Knowing that the divine and I are of one heart.

I feel this heart beating on my chest. 

As the Goddess holds me I rest my head  and gain sustenance from the divine mother’s breast.

Sri Taris


To be great what’s at stake?

You lie and promises you beak. 

Without repentance you go on clueless. 

You strive so hard, so thou becomes foolish.

Losing sight of virtue, you become ignorant divine wisdom.

Trying and you fail. 

To become that of great is to no avail. 

For you don’t know truth. 

There’s nothing you can do to be great.

Being is great, once your mind realizes is apart of the divine, you’ll understand that greatness was, is, and always lives within you.

Sri Taris 


Belief is everything, 
It’s the wind under your dreams wings. 

Taking you higher and higher,                Opening your eyes wider and wider

Enabling you to be capable,                            To behold the unseen, there’s nothing you cannot achieve.

If only you think. 

If only you believe. 

Sri Taris 

Heart is Felt, Cards Are Delt.

Heart is felt, cards are dealt. 

Without choosing your hand, you got to find it, in you to rise above and stand. 

Towering above any all situations, 

Whenever it gets difficult, the state of the mind in those moments are extremely pivotal.

We must remember to remain calm and keep patience.

Being mindful of your decisions and heeding to your intuition will lead you to your life’s true path of individual greatness. 

He, Is Not I

The days are long, and they grow longer. Fighting my mind, artfully I conquer. Angels surround me but in my mind still lives old monsters. 

Unable to free myself from these thoughts. I flow with the stream, seeing but not understanding so many things. 

How am I supposed to find myself? When I’m trapped being someone else.

 At times I feel, this life is a dream. Not even real filled with temporary pain and short lived thrills. 

I fit in no where. I must go it alone, I feel sadness in my heart from being so far from home.

Surrounded by so much beauty, yet at times I can feel so much darkness inside and I can feel so ugly. 

Sometimes I feel so lost inside, feeling so disconnected I thought I just wanted someone to hug me. 

I just wanted to be understood. But I can’t be explained, so they just pass judgement unable to feel my heart or comprehend my brain. 

I breath in deeply, hoping that my gloom flees from me. But it’s like a shadow always there even when I think I have no care. 

Will I ever escape this person I call myself,  for he is not I, and I am not this self. 

Sri Taris 


Your unforgettable, amazing angel blessing me with your presence. 

Holding me close, closer, and closer until our essence merge into one being. 

Your so transparent with me, there’s no part of you I’m not seeing. 

I Am influenced by your natural beauty, all things about you.

You’re the apithamy of perfection, for me to find a flaw is doubtful. 

Unaware of radiance, unchanged by life’s unpredictable situations. 

I grow to love you more and more. Not only love, I’m entranced your the one I adore. 

I’m willing to risk it all for you, breaking down all walls and any doors.

As long as it leads me to the path of your heart. I don’t know how but holding yoly in my arms I feel the heart from our spark. 

You and I together. 

I and You together. 

Together here, together now, together always forever. 

Sri Taris